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Jennifer Kempson - Founder and Director of Stereotypeclothing


Jennifer Kempson M.Eng MIET

Stereotype Clothing was created for everyone who wants to show the world their uniqueness.  It is might simply appear to be wearing a notice for the world to see what you love and are passionate about, but it can be so much more.  It’s a way to show that anyone, yes even me, can be something different from what people expect.

My name is Jennifer and in terms of education I hold a Masters in Electronic & Electrical Engineering.  I am also a Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology UK, WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) member, a STEM UK volunteer Ambassador, have run my own cheerleading dance school at one time, along with over 12 years experience of working in the biggest IT technology companies in the world.

I stood out right from the word “go” at school and university as I was one of the few girls who enjoyed Physics, Maths & Computing – and now I’m part of only 9% of the UK Engineering workforce who are female. Just so you know – 9% is not enough when we need more problem solvers in this world to make a real difference.

My loves in life are being a Mother of 2 young boys below the age of 4, working mother at that, and dedicated wife and being part of the online Mother lifestyle blogging & Youtube content producing community via my personal blog  It was being a mother that gave me the inspiration one day to start Stereotype Clothing.

At my son’s nursery they had invited in some people of various exciting and different professions to talk to the pre-school children and inspire them. A truly great idea and it was wonderful to hear my son talk about it after that day of nursery.  As I always love to do, I offered myself as an engineer should they wish me to be part of one of these upcoming “career days” with the huge focus right now being on STEM professions in particular and encouraging a more balanced mix of gender divided workforce.  The first question I was asked was along the lines of if people got a fright if they saw a female “turn up to a job”, hinting at fixing things and such.  This isn’t the first time I have had to explain exactly what my five years at undergraduate level studies involved, with designing and theory and practical elements – to allow us to engineer and develop everything we take for granted in the modern world.  Without engineers you wouldn’t have much I’m afraid.  And I had the idea if only I could tell people I’m an engineer more easily so they might ask me more about what I do and change those preconceptions where I could just be having a conversation.

With being part of the 9% UK female workforce with a technical background in Engineering, my specific passion comes from a love to show that the face of STEM is more diverse than people may think.    But we aren’t just limited to STEM here at Stereotype Clothing, we want to show the world that everyone has a hidden talent or skill that makes them different from the norm and that difference should be celebrated rather than hidden so if you don’t see your passion on one of our clothing items right now – EMAIL US and we will create it for you! We want to help you show the world what you care about!

And everytime you purchase one of our clothing items, you will see what charities you are supporting with that purchase – so you aren’t just buying a piece of clothing.  You are funding a way to truly inspire and educate from many levels.

So whether you might not be the “typical” teacher, or doctor, or scientist, or even child – we believe our clothing is for you to challenge the norm, educate the world around you and then inspire more people to be just like you.

A simple responsibility with our help.

Please join us for that journey if you can… won’t want to miss it!

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