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Black Engineer Tshirt - Stereotype Clothing

You may be able to build bridges, literally!  Why not do it metaphorically too, by letting everyone know you’re an engineer.

Whether you can design structures, make engines run in smarter ways, understand Ohm’s Law or perhaps make planes stay in the air,  you are united in holding the esteemed title of Engineer.

Wearing this item might even prevent people asking you to fix their TV.  But if not, you can continue to enjoy all the glory of having fun and playing around with new concepts, perhaps with Lego Mindstorm. 

We all know Engineers truly rule the world.  So show the world that being an Engineer is the best all day every day.  

Bamboo Rolled Sleeve Tunic T-shirt.

70% Bamboo Viscose / 30% Organic Cotton. Fine Jersey 115g.
Size guides are available in our FAQs.

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